What is Ankara?

And why are we so excited about it?
Ankara fabric ...

as it is called in West Africa, and 'Kitenge’ in East Africa can also be referred to as African wax fabric, Holland wax, or Dutch wax. The fabric is known for its colorful and vibrant patterns, and it has been said that every wax print tells a unique African story.

It is definitely the colors and unique patterns that display culture, tradition, and stories of tribes through through the African continent that excite us.

Luggage Covers and More

These elaborate designs are found in clothing for men and women, high fashion magazines (+runways), swim suits and many different accessories.

We've chosen to add them to Travel Accessories starting with our Luggage Covers.

The mandala (circular packs of symbolism) patterns are very popular. You'll find plenty color combination around. We've chosen this vibrant orange!

Don't be color blind.

We want you to see all the vibrant colors that occur in nature, in our designs, and skin color of the people around you.  Just don't stop at their skin color. Look at their eye color, hair color, and the color of their wardrobe and shoes.  

Once you look beyond the vibrancy of the colors on the surface you can begin to enjoy learning about, celebrating, and exchanging new bits of cultural juiciness with each other.  

So go ahead and notice our skin tones, don't be color blind. Only then will you be able to go deeper and enjoy the culture of creativity and excellence that inspires so much of the world today including our travel accessories. 

Non Bundle

Carry-On Bluetooth Speaker


Passport & Vaccine Card Holder Wallet


Travel Neck Pillow w Flare


Six Feet Bold - Unisex sizes


Orange Ankara Print Luggage Cover


Santorini Luggage Cover


Blue Kente Cloth Luggage Cover


Fog Free Face Shield


Puerto Rico Flag Luggage Cover


Trinidad and Tobago Flag Luggage Cover


St. Lucia Flag Luggage Cover


Passport Hustle- Long Sleeve Women


Pan African Pouch Set


Logo Face Mask


Noise Isolating Earphones


Okay Rona w Afro Long Sleeve


Jamaican Flag Luggage Cover


Okay Rona Enough - Unisex


TPH Logo Shirt - Unisex Sizes


Barbados Pouch Set


Guyana Flag Luggage Cover


Blue Kente Don't Touch My Hair Luggage Cover


Dominican Republic Flag Luggage Cover


Barbados Flag Luggage Cover