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Teya D-Globetrotter | Founder of The Passport Hustle with Talent Da Comedian at the Women of Color Festival
All about The Passport Hustle (TPH)

As travel lovers and passport stamp collectors, we see color every where we go! Seeing colors in nature, designs and on the skin of people we meet allow us to celebrate the many cultures we come across while traveling. So don't be color blind. Oh no. Look at me and see me.

Seeing color is not a problem. Segregation and discrimination based on color is.

So be proud of who you are and who you meet. Be humbly amazed that we get to travel and "they" let us into their spaces, tables, cultures and hearts. to let colors and cultures take the wheel. Most of our customers use our products on work trips and just might decide to twerk (leisure) trips.

The Passport Hustle Travel Accessories that celebrate culture
How We Got Started...

After traveling to and dining in 40 countries, we realized that most travel accessories were not made for or to celebrate black and brown travelers... so we picked up the torch!

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Watching models walk with our travel accessories blows my mind. And now I am ready for more. I started this...

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