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At the Passport Hustle, we create travel gear & accessories inspired by Black and Brown travelers.

You may or may not be traveling right now. Does that mean that you cannot discuss one of the activities you enjoy most in life? We hope not. We would go crazy, and there are enough excuses to go crazy. Don't you mention politics, please don't do it.

We designed these cases to ispire your family and friends  to ask you questions when they see it. Yes, yes new friends count. Don't listen to Champaign Poppy. Can you guess the location that the middle phone case depicts? Yes, yes y'all. That is Oia. Oia is a small village in the South Aegean on the islands of Thira (or more commonly known as the island of Santorini)   Santorini has beautiful beaches all around if you cannot afford to stay in the Village of Oia for your entire trip. But even a day trip is worth it.  

The left case shows off an Ankara print. Ankara prints are gaining popularity as some designers are now making modern and dare I say, sexy clothing from these prints. Most Ankara prints are vibrant in color and depict family/tribal stories. 

We call this design our Orange Circle of Life. This pattern and similar designs are usually printed on waxed cotton and made into modest clothing for women and 2-3 peice suits for men. 

The blue and yellow hues on the right are a depiction of Kente cloth. Kente cloth is almost always handwoven so we gave this case the look of real cloth. Now a days, the patterns are being used to make bathing suits, as shown by Kardi B during her visit to Ghana in 2019. Because Kente cloth is all hand woven, it is not a cheap fabric. It is reserved for special events and celebrations of life and often passed down from generation to generation. 

We hope this gave you some insight into the inspiration for our designs. And we hope this helps you out when they ask you questions about your new phone case.

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  • Shay Chenette

    The Ankara print phone case is stunning! Beautiful products

  • Shay Chenette

    The Ankara print phone case is stunning! Beautiful products


    These are amazing cases!!

  • Char

    I love these unique cases. Beautiful prints!

  • Teayann Duclos

    I love these cases Especially the one with the cool background story about the location it shows.

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