[PRESS RELEASE] Imagine Rocking African Print like Beyonce, But on Your Luggage: The Passport Hustle created a line of Travel Accessories that Celebrates Black Culture and Puts an End to Boring Luggage.

by Teya Dalton on March 06, 2023
Imagine Rocking African Print, But on Your Luggage: The Passport Hustle created a line of Travel Accessories that Celebrates Black Culture and Puts an End to Boring Luggage.

New York, USA – Travel has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. We’ve arrived in the new year and many of us survived the holiday travel season by the skin of our teeth. Even with pandemic restrictions being lifted across the globe, several challenges continue to test travelers’ resolve including inflation, natural disasters, war, and more. 

Teya the founder of The Passport Hustle Press Release with Black and Gold Mud Cloth Luggage cover

We now know that Travelers won’t stop. And they won’t quit. Travelers are determined to see the world and celebrate loved ones in person, now more than ever.. 

The Passport Hustle’s products elevate travel fashion and bring the adage “Black History is More Than a Month” into living color. That starts with your audiences learning about the new travel accessories that can enhance their travel experience. Thanks to The Passport Hustle, we can all say NO to boring luggage and travel essentials.


About The Passport Hustle

Teya the founder of The Passport Hustle Press Release with Black and Gold Luggage Cover

The Passport Hustle’s founder Teya “D-Globetrotter” Dalton is a frequent traveler who often shares stories of her journey to visit 40 countries before age 40. She has traveled to and eaten in 43 countries across 6 continents and sends travelers around the world as a travel advisor and coach. 

Teya is an immersive traveler who lights up when engaging in the stories of the people. “Travel can enlighten you with just a glimpse into how locals live, use traditions to keep their culture alive, and erect the monuments we’re in awe of.” 

Lucky for us, Teya D-Globetrotter curates one of the best travel accessory stores on the market, showcasing culture inspired by international travelers and communities connected through the African Diaspora. 

The Products – Show off your culture

Travelers often experience color & culture through amazing landscapes, architecture, textiles, food, and personal interactions. Most globetrotters will come across several instances of “black cultures” being co-opted by and for the profit of people in other communities. We seldom see products being created by us, for us, and / or to celebrate us. 

The Passport Hustle offers BIPOC travelers and allies a unique opportunity to embrace the colors of the cultures that excite and inspire us. Now travelers can show off, show out, and magnify their unique self-expression. There’s no reason boring luggage options should thwart a traveler’s self-expression when The Passport Hustle offers a range of exotic travel essentials and accessories. Some items include Luggage Covers, memory foam Neck Pillows, Passport Wallets, Organizing Pouches, Carry- on Electronics, and Travel Sets. 

The Passport Hustle recently launched its “Mud Cloth in Color” collection of travel products that are sure to agitate joy and fashion senses for all international travelers. This collection is inspired by hand-drawn mud cloths that are usually in earth tones. Marrying the mud cloth design element with vibrant colors gives travelers a way to keep ancestral cultures alive while celebrating their own vibrancy!

Find more information: www.thepassporthustle.com | Facebook | Instagram | Other Collections

Media Contact: The Passport Hustle | teya@thepassporthustle.com | 646.470.9616 | New York, USA

by TPH on March 06, 2023

Write Up: https://www.blackbusiness.com/2023/02/teya-dalton-black-entrepreneur-luggage-covers-travel-accessories-celebrate-african-culture.html

by TPH on March 06, 2023

Write Up: https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2023/02/black-entrepreneur-launches-line-of-luggage-covers-travel-accessories-celebrating-african-culture/


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