Loving the Passport Hustle Life

I was on a mission...

to visit 40 countries by the age of 40. Yeap! And since announcing my lofty goal I've met 2 separate people who have both been to over 100 countries...yeah??! For a few moments I thought:

"Daanng girl, step your game up."

Then I realized that this is my life and my life goals. At the time of this revelation, I'd been to 28 countries, and I loved every bit of it. Here's how conversations usually go in my world.

Me.       Where are you going next?

Friend. We found a flight to Athens for $210 round trip...

Me.       What... what??

Friend.  Yeap...non-stop...

Me.        Ok,  I'm in... But I've been to Greece...twice.

Friend. ...and we're going to Santorini

Me.         My body starts moving without permission but I've learned to live with these involuntary celebrations... lol

Me.        Aw-yeah, Aw-yeah. (Background music by Salt-N-Pepa in my head: Ex-press your self.... Go on and work that body ...)


Friend. (Interrupts my dance break) Do you want to go? I  have the site open now,  tickets won't last long.

Me.      Yes, yes. I'm in. I'll just add another leg to my trip...

Long story short - that trip included Santorini and Athens in Greece. Santorini was new for me and so beautiful. But while the rest of the group went to Athens, (where I've been twice)... I made a dash to Romania; Bucharest and Transylvania in 2 days but that's another story.

Have you added "side dish" trips to your main itinerary before?  [Note: Side dish trips are a little longer than day trips]

I am a lover of country counting.

TIP:  Always keep in mind that no passport hustle needs to look like or be compared to another. Just let the rhythm of it inspire you to reach new heights.


Santorini Pouch


Originally posted on www.welive2fly.com in April 2017

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