Loving the Passport Hustle Life - Counting Countries & Collecting Passport Stamps!

by Teya Dalton on September 07, 2022

I was on a mission...

to visit 40 countries by the age of 40. I defined visit as leaving the port of entry into said country and enjoying at least 1 meal, because I had to create a base denominator for my country counting and love of food.  

I carried my goal with happiness and high self esteem. So much happiness that happy with my goal and personal mission that I mentioned it to almost everyone I talked to in my 20's and 30's. I opened my proverbial arms and heart to the world, and that is when I felt The Pinch to my ego. 

I met 2 separate people who had already been to over 100 countries... And that little annoying voice in my head chimed in

Damn Girl
👏🏽 Step
👏🏽 Your
👏🏽 Game
👏🏽 Up


It took me a few heart beats before I reminded myself of a few things. 

These are MY life goals
And this is not a competition

[... anymore]. So I took inventory. At that moment I had passport stamps from 28 countries, and stories about each one!  At that moment I realized that if I compare myself to anyone else on this highspeed traveling highway that all my travels would be about comparisons and not the good times. So I slowly un-balled my brain as if it were a closed fist and I let those threats of comparison go.  

Here's how conversations about travel started to go on random days in my life:

Me.       Where are you going next?

Friend.  We found a flight to Athens for $210 round trip...


Friend.  Yeap...non-stop...

Me.        Ok,  I'm in... But wait, I've been to Greece. Twice.

Friend. ...and we're going to Santorini

My body starts moving without permission but I've learned to live with these involuntary celebrations... lol

Me.       [Dancing to a Salt-N-Pepa song in my head: Ex Press Your Self... Go on and work that body...]  Awe-yeah, Awe-yeah.


Friend. [Interrupts my dance break] If you want to go, I have the site open. These dates won't last long.at this price.

Me.      [I snap out of the dance break and pull out my credit card] YES! I'll just add another leg to my trip...

So I got:

  • A second trip to Athens with friends I'd not been to Athens with before
  • A four day add on to Santorini for the very 1st time, and
  • A two night solo trip  to Romania including Bucharest and Transylvania (Another story for another day)

TPH Wrap Up:

Life gives us opportunities to enjoy the moment we are in while we are there. We can make up a LOT of reasons not to enjoy the moment including comparing ourselves or experiences to others.  And since suffering is optional in most circumstances, I choose to enjoy my entire journey. Not just the destination, or the result of going after my goals. But the entire journey. 

And I keep in mind that no passport hustle needs to look like or be compared to another. Just let the rhythm of inspiration move you towards new heights.


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  This was originally posted on www.welive2fly.com in April 2017

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