From Idea to the Run Way: The Passport Hustle brings Luggage Covers that celebrate cultures of the African Diaspora to Life

by Teya Dalton on December 11, 2022

Watching models walk with our travel accessories blows my mind. And now I am ready for more. 

The Passport Hustle signature Don't Touch my hair Pan African design on the runway

I started this business 2 years after I made the first prototype. I questioned and doubted my self. I allowed fear, confusion and indecisiveness to take the lead during those 2 years.

"It always seems impossible until it's done" Nelson Mandela

I had to remind myself that as a coach, I would coach others through similar challenges. That's when I realized that I've watched several IG channels and 2 cousins launch product based businesses. 

This was possible. I decided to take 2 more months to gather the advice I'd been

given over the years an analyze it. 

I attended fabric expos, began reaching out to

1st prototype of The Passport Hustle

seamstresses and manufacturers. I researched print on demand companies and watched every YouTube video I thought was helpful in terms of marketing, and operations.  I enrolled in many advertising courses and enrolled in a course from someone who has done this successfully, DJ Miami Michael Baptiste him self. 

We launched September 16th, 2020 and in December 2022 we saw our luggage covers on the walk way for the 1st time, at the African Restaurant Week Holiday Festival!

So now that I know it is possible, I think we'll take this to the next level and work our way into a few stores. So tell me, is there anything that you've been doubting is possible and your itching to take it on or to the next level?




by Anonymous on March 27, 2023

Write up: https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2023/02/black-entrepreneur-launches-line-of-luggage-covers-travel-accessories-celebrating-african-culture/

by Anonymous on March 27, 2023

Write up: https://www.blackbusiness.com/2023/02/teya-dalton-black-entrepreneur-luggage-covers-travel-accessories-celebrate-african-culture.html


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